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"We need to discover our past to be able to wisely head into the future. We, like Christopher Columbus and Jacques Cousteau amongst others, have a burning desire to explore our world, to find answers and to live our life to the fullest." - Ocean Discovery

Ocean Discovery is closely associated to the famous and highly respected organization Global Underwater Explorers, GUE, and cooperate in numerous project around the world; these projects are supported by GUE training, diving logistics, and administrative support. This Swedish arm of GUE is dedicated to advanced technical diver training and exclusive diving expeditions for both trimix divers and recreational divers. Ocean Discovery also offers professional underwater photo and video production, and survey missions with high tech side scan sonar.

The organization’s internationally recognized "Ocean


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Discovery Exploration Team" has been involved since 1999 in an unprecedented marine archaeological survey project of the south east Baltic Sea. Since 1999, the group has discovered over thirty wrecks. The wrecks have been extensively video documented and broadcast by the BBC, SVT, and TV4.

The team is also heavily involved in international diving projects and Ocean Discovery divers have had a leading role in two expeditions to the Titanic’s sistership, HMHS Britannic, to a depth of one hundred and twenty meters. Ocean Discovery video from the expedition has been broadcast by National Geographic, BBC, History Channel and the Discovery Channel among many others. The team has participated or led numerous successful projects since 1995.

Ocean Discovery members also participate as speakers/presenters at many international dive shows and events yearly. Topics range from diving in general, archeological explorations to environmental studies. During 2005 to 2006 Richard Lundgren represented GUE and Ocean Discovery at the following international dive shows to name a few; NEC (Birmingham, UK), LIDS (London, UK), DYK (Copenhagen, Denmark), GUE Conference (Gainesville, USA), Sydney, Australia,DEMA Japan (Tokyo, Japan).


"If adventure is your bag, then Richard Lundgren's sessions are a must. Richard is one of the sport's most highly respected technical divers and he has done just about everything from hunting for Spanish galleons in the Caribbean to carrying out the longest cave dive ever done in Scandinavia, in Arctic conditions. At LIDS 2006 he will be talking about his work locating and diving dozens of the wrecks, ancient and modern, that can be found in excellent states of preservation in the cold, clear waters of the Baltic" – LIDS, London International Dive Show

(Photo: GUE like the organization Ocean Futures Society maintain that the health of the oceans are vital for survival. Richard Lundgren (GUE, OD) Jean-Michel Cousteau (Ocean Futures Society) after their presentations at LIDS 2006 (London International Dive Show) Photo: Spike

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