GUE is probably the most recognized advanced scuba diver training program, its instructors are hand picked highly qualified exploration divers. GUE training will ensure that you are prepared to meet the challenges of advanced diving in a safe manner.

GUE diver training

GUE training director Richard Lundgren is the head instructor for Ocean Discovery. He was one of GUE´s founding members and has been an active GUE instructor since the birth of the organization. He has participated in numerous expeditions worldwide and is one of Europe’s most experienced trimix divers. He offers GUE courses of all levels and his pedagogic teaching style is very popular among our students. You will be allowed to slowly gain experience while meeting increasingly challenging tasks during your training. Your safety is always of highest priority! Completing one of our training programs will give you the foundation for a truly enjoyable and safe advanced diving career.

For more information on the different training programs please visit GUE´s website.