The Svärdet was a formidable battleship armed with 86 bronze canons. She was not only able to give any rival or enemy on the sea a deadly kiss, she also was decorated with numerous sculptures and ornaments. Ships like Svärdet, Cronan and Wasa were not only made for war, they were also meant to display the wealth and might of the kingdom of Sweden. Svärdet was at the time of her sinking under command of Clas Uggla, a true hero who made a reputation of bravery, glorious victories and skills as a commander both on land and on sea that have lasted even until present time.

The admiral ship Svärdet

To discover a ship with a reputation and historical value as the Svärdet would indeed be a major marine archeological breakthrough and would once again prove the Baltic seas unprecedented treasures in marine historical heritage. The general public has shown a huge interest in these old ships and the Wasa museum has to this date been visited by 90 million persons. The Kronan museum in Kalmar is also popular, drawing a huge public every year. Numerous TV documentaries have aired over the world.

What we intend to contribute with is simply to ad even more thrills to the public by giving them the true hero Clas Uggla´s mighty admiralship "Svärdet" that was sent to the bottom after hours of intense and furious naval battle totally surrounded by numerous Danish and Dutch battleships. We intend to find the wreck site and by using video give the public a rare opportunity to step right into the events of the disastrous first day of June 1676 and the fate of the famous admiral ship.

For a long time we have been in the process off gathering all sorts of information concerning the fate of the Svärdet. We have accessed old naval archives and studied old transcripts and intervjued several authorities in the field of marine archeology and 17th century history. Our research together with our vast experience and state of the art survey equipment has made us confident that we have a unique opportunity to locate the wreck.

By putting together all the information we have been able to make a time frame of the Svärdets last hours:


Wind: The wind was a stable West South West gale on the morning of the 1st of June 1646. Gale would translate into 12 to 15 meters per second.

Abstract: The Swedish fleet was being chased by the Danish and Dutch armada. The Swedes chose to sail as close to the shores of Öland as they dared. The enemy sailed more to the east and overtook the Swedish ships using the wind. The Swedish fleet was more than likely sailing as proclaimed by the Swedish admiralty sail order regulations written 1676. This indicates that the Svärdet was in front of the Cronan thus further north at this time.

11.00 Admiral Uggla commanding the Svärdet notices the Danish /Dutch fleet overtaking to the east. He fires a signal shot with his canon commanding his ships in front to close formations.

Admiral Creutz, the commander of the entire Swedish fleet aboard the Cronan misunderstood the signal and ordered his ship to be turned hard south even though he had full sails and open canon ports.

Uggla, on the Svärdet, noticed his commander's mistake and turns his ship south to aid in an attempt to avoid a total disaster.

Cronan lists heavily due to the hard turn and takes in water through the canon ports. Fire broke lose and the powder stored in the lower decks ignited and she explodes and starts to sink.

During his turn south Uggla almost collides with the sinking Cronan and has to turn "away wind". This move confused the rest of the Swedish fleet and led to chaos and disorder in the lines. This information indicates that the Sword was straight over the Cronan wreck site, a position known by us, at approximately 11.00.

12.00 After only a short time the Svärdet is completely surrounded by three Danish and Dutch admiral ships and an intense and furious battle follows. During this an hour and a half the Svärdet got her mast and sails blown away and takes three canon blasts under the water line. Uggla can no longer maneuver the ship as he likes and are now in the hands of the Danes and Dutch enemy as the ship drifts by wind, waves and the current.

14.00 A Dutch fire ship manages to hock itself onto the hull of the Svärdet and fire broke loose. Uggla does not command his crew to fight the fire. He did not want to let the enemy take over the mighty ship. Instead he intended to go down with her.

16.00 Finaly the Svärdet explodes, breaks up in two and sinks.